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Tips For Home Buyers In A Low Inventory Market

Housing inventory is one of the factors that can dramatically affect the temperature of the real estate market. Less inventory means more potentially more competition and higher prices. Whether you’re a buyer or currently in the seller market, this can determine your strategy. Like most investments or assets, housing inventory can fluctuate anytime. This is why it’s important to gauge your options before buying a property. 

Quick Update: Real Estate Industry Trend 

Despite the ongoing economic challenges, housing prices continue to rise. This just shows the resilience of the real estate industry. As many experts have predicted, home buying and selling prospects have significantly improved in September 2020 from pandemic lows. Homebuyers are moving much faster than this time last year. According to the forecast, this upward trend could continue for three to five years. 

Low Mortgage Rates: Biggest Factor in Today’s Housing Inventory Shortage! 

Image source from Mortgage News Daily

According to an article recently published by Business Insider, low mortgage rates are one of the main reasons for the current housing inventory shortage. Several reports also show that a house is the hottest “pandemic purchase” in the country. 

Today, property investors, realtors, and even casual homebuyers are now on the hunt for the best deals they can get. This makes it more challenging for buyers to find a property that suits their budget and needs. 

Let’s have a look at these key takeaways: 

  • Residential properties have become a valuable asset, as more and more Americans take advantage of low mortgage rates.
  • Existing home sales continue to surge forward for the last 3 months since the real estate market reopened from the shutdown. It soared to a 14-year high in the previous two months. There are also reports of upcoming home sales. 
  • Experts’ forecasts revealed that the country may experience a housing inventory shortage for the next coming years. There are new residential property projects, but not enough to keep up with the demand. 

Other Important Predictions From Industry Experts 

Buying a house is a big investment. Whether you’re doing this for personal reasons or as a future investment, it’s always better to keep learning about the real estate market. A good way to do this is to consider investors’ expert opinions. Here are some forecasts for the real estate market from several experts:

The demand for refinancing and housing loans remains at large 

The high demand for refinance and housing loans has raised the competition among realtors, property managers, and lending officers. Many mortgage organizations, particularly new companies may have a hard time competing. Potential buyers may also experience some delays with loan applications. 

Homebuyers need to explore more options when purchasing properties

Due to the housing inventory shortage, homebuyers need to exert more effort when looking for prospect properties. Be resourceful. You might want to check out some auctions, foreclosures, short sales, and bank-owned properties. 

Location will still be one of the keys

Homeowners are adapting to a new lifestyle due to the current pandemic state. However, due to this upward trend and housing inventory shortage, it may be difficult for homebuyers to find the perfect home for themselves or their families. 

The rise of new mortgage company startups and lending officers 

Despite the global crisis, the US housing industry still looks solid,. This means many investors may be looking for opportunities to join the bandwagon, so don’t be surprised if there are more mortgage organizations in a few months or so. 

Notable Reminders for Homebuyers 

Although now is a good time to buy a house or invest in a property, the entire process can be a lot more challenging due to the housing inventory shortage. As a homebuyer, it’s important to find a trusted mortgage broker or loan officer. These professionals can help simplify the process for you. Just make sure to choose loan officers with several years of industry experience. 

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